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Top 5 Resolutions for a Darling New Year

Photo by Alex Fagan

We've learned a lot over here at Darling Interiors in 2016. It was our first year of full-time decorating and what a great year it has been! It is so refreshing to wake up every morning EXCITED about our work...work that doesn't even feel like work most days! How many people get to say that about their jobs?

We think making a list of resolutions is a great New Years practice. It isn't really about beating your self up over what you haven't been, but creating a space for you to dream about what you could become. Both of us (Grace & Catherine) have come up with a few personal resolutions to help us grow as decorators and we hope they inspire you in your own home and life.

1} finally hang that artwork

Both of us grew up in a household FILLED with art (you can view our dad's website here, our brother's here, and Grace's mother-in-law's here). We both have acquired plenty of pieces from our family of artists and from artists outside our family, and for that we are so thankful! The funny thing is, hanging the artwork is sometimes the hardest part! It takes time to think through where it will hang, what will hang with it and what tools to hang it with. But once you get going, it's not so bad! This year we are committing to USING what we have and making it work in our houses.

Photo by Alex Fagan

By the way- do you have trouble hanging artwork? We can help! Hire us for an afternoon and we'll take away all of your hanging anxieties :).

2} use the fine china (or give it away!)

This year we want to find more reasons to lay a beautiful table and to practice hospitality, and resolve to pass along anything that we don't use to someone who might enjoy it! What is hiding away in your closets? If it's important to you, bring it out more often! If it's not, just let it go.

3} organize, organize, organize!

We are resolving to create better systems for clutter within our homes so that we can have a clear space to work, think, and live. If there is a helpful system in place, it will be much easier to maintain. We believe that organization can help so many things--even relationships!

Check out this bathroom situation below from The Home Edit one of our favorite sources for organization inspiration. Yes, please!

4} ...But embrace some chaos :)

That being said, we plan on embracing the fact that our houses can't/shouldn't always be a setup for a magazine photoshoot. We both live in homes with husbands, children, and pets that aren't necessarily in tune with all of our decorating whims, so it is important for us to take a deep breath and remember that we love the people that caused crayons to spill everywhere or dropped dirty clothes on the bathroom floor! There is no point in decorating a home if you can't actually LIVE in it!

5} practice contentment

There's wisdom in getting rid of whatever doesn't bring you joy. But when you need to keep using something as is (like an old, stained couch) you can change your perspective and still find joy in the imperfection. "This is my ugly, but really comfortable couch, and someday she shall have a face lift!" ;) Get creative and find little ways to see beauty even in the outdated or faded.

Happy New Year, friends! We hope you enjoyed our list. What are some of your resolutions for 2017?

Until next time,

Grace & Catherine of Darling Interiors Greenville

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