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A Colorful Solution

When we were first invited into Collette's beautiful home, she told us that there was one room in particular that she was having trouble with--- the family room. The room had served as a common area for adults and kids for a long time, and now that the kids were growing up, she wanted the room to mature as well. Right away we noticed two obstacles in the room:

1. Low lighting

2. Dark accents that were making the room seem even darker

So much of interior decorating is actually problem solving. Although our suggestions to solve those problems were a little outside of the box, Collette is one of the most easy-going people we've ever met, and so she was willing to go with it! Since the wall paint and most of the wood tones (side tables, coffee table, entertainment center, etc.) were staying the same in the room, we were given free reign with the fabrics! We decided that the main goals were to lighten up the area rug and draperies, and create a fun and exciting color palette with the upholstery.

Here is what we came up with:

How fun is that?!

The leather sofa had great bones and beautiful nailhead trim, but the details got lost with the darker fabrics surrounding it. Instead of starting from scratch with a new piece of furniture, we used this AMAZING tapestry fabric to reupholster the seat and back cushions and added lots of colorful pillows to draw out accents in the sofa fabric.


Next we focused on the brown recliners in front of the TV that didn't swivel. Once a favorite resting spot for the teenagers of the house, Collette was ready to reclaim that space for something functional, but also beautiful. Meet the Coral Twins. These custom Charles Stewart Company chairs are smaller in size, allowing for easier TV viewing from all areas of the room, and also swivel around, in case the family is all home for a movie. The coral-colored velvet also provides a pop of color that the room was missing beforehand.

So that the coffee table wouldn't become another source of darkness, we helped Collette style some fun things on a mirrored tray (reflecting more light) to bring the space to life. Books can be pretty whether you read them or not ;)...

We also decided that Collette needed a queen chair. Every mama needs a sleek and sexy chair that she can have dibs on forever. This, my friends, is that chair. We added a little leather ottoman from Pottery Barn, and Voilà! - the perfect spot!

Shelves were also an important piece to this room since there are so many. We pared down the collection seen above to a more simplistic collection (below). Using new and old items, we tried to make each shelf a pocket of beauty and character. Clean, organized shelving helps to really honor the memories that are on display, and invite guests to look further.

But that's not all! Collette has a wonderful breakfast nook area connected to the living room, and we were excited to continue the "brightening theme" on into this area, too. Here are some before shots:

This area needed a cohesive color scheme to bring all the elements together. Again, the ever-calm Collette was a breeze to make suggestions to about what should happen here, and I think we were ALL pleased to see how it turned out.

The light blue and yellow accents gave this room its own identity, while also playing nicely with the bolder colors of the living room. Calming and refreshing breakfast room vibes...who could ask for more?!

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