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Living Room Facelift

A lot of our clients call us because they are ready for something new. They want their home to be fresh, different, fun, and not the "same old thing" that they've had for years. And that's exactly what Rachael wanted for her living room: a Darling Interiors facelift. Rachael is one of those dream clients who is upfront and decisive, but also the sweetest person you'll ever meet. How did we get so lucky?!

First we started with a completely different color scheme. It was nice to be able to start from the very beginning with Rachael and pick out a new wall color. Paint color matters, y'all! We moved away from warm yellows and reds, and dove into refreshingly cool grays and vibrant blue and turquoise. One thing we truly believe is that you can NEVER have too much blue.

This color scheme led us to the most delicious fabrics and textures, pictured here. I'll be honest with you...the day I picked up this ottoman (below) from the upholsterer, it took everything I had not to take it and run!! I've never had so much #ottomanenvy. But like I said, sweet Rachael isn't the kind of person you want to steal from...

Trim on drapes is like icing on a cake. It's not totally necessary, but it sure makes it look pretty. We LOVE trim. Out of all of our options, this was the favorite by far. We knew it was true love when Rachael was willing to wait an extra month for this little missy to come back into stock. As you can see, it was certainly worth the wait!

Our final step in decorating a space is always our favorite part...it's when all of the big pieces are in place and all that's left are the finishing touches. Vases, pillows, trays, lamps, flowers, etc. It feels like our birthday every single time! If we were Joanna Gaines on Fixerupper, this would be the part when our well behaved children would skip in and offer us cupcakes and hugs. Let's just say we're still working on that part.

And...TA-DA!!! Transformation complete!

It's been a great run with this room. Now we're just crossing our fingers that Rachael will invite us over every weekend to sit in between those two big, squishy, velvet pillows. That's a little unrealistic...maybe every other weekend??

Until next time...

Darling Interiors Greenville

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